Testing Services

Arkansas state law requires all students wishing to enroll in college-level mathematics and/or English courses to be tested for placement purposes. Students who fail to meet required scores must successfully complete development education courses prior to enrolling in college-level courses.

In compliance with Act 1052, the College will administer and utilize the Accuplacer, which measures academic preparedness in reading, writing, and mathematics. Accuplacer, Compass, ACT or SAT scores less than five years old will also be accepted. The student is responsible for providing official documentation of assessment scores. Those affected by these College Placement Testing Guidelines include:

1. All full-time, first-time entering freshmen who have not taken the Accuplacer, ACT, COMPASS, SAT, or other approved nationally recognized standardized test assessment and met the minimum score used by the College.

2. Any student pursuing a degree or certificate requiring upper-level math/English courses for completion of that degree or certificate.

If students do not meet the specified guidelines, they will still be admitted to the College. However, they must enroll in, and successfully complete, a prescribed sequence of Developmental Education courses prior to enrolling in college level course work.

Students who wish to enter the LPN program will need to take the ACCUPLACER test to determine their eligibility. If testing scores meet the requirements (Reading 78 minimum and Sentence Skills 83 minimum, Math will be used as a tie-breaker), the student must attend the mandatory nursing meetings. Scores will be good for 1 year.

Students who wish to enter the RN program will need to take the RN Entrance Exam to determine their eligibility. The cost is $25. Students MUST pre-register for the exam. Students may only take the exam twice per entry attempt. Test scores are good for 1 year.


Testing Schedule  
Wednesdays at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm
(cost is $10.00)  
RN Admissions Assessment  
For the January RN Program For the May RN Program
Must be completed by 2nd Friday in September Must be completed by 2nd Friday in February
(cost is $25.00) Click here to register


Proctored Tests, CLEP Tests, and all other Tests may be scheduled with the Testing Coordinator:

Josh Holiman
(501) 332-0225
jholiman [at] coto.edu