Early Childhood Education - Certificate of Proficiency

Students who complete the following courses will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency and will be eligible to take the Child Development Associate (C.D.A.) Exam. The C.D.A. exam is a national credential awarded through the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C. for persons who work in the child care field.

Early Childhood Education ( CP) Curriculum
1st Year - 1st Semester Credit Hours  
ECDE 1113 Intro to Early Childhood Development 3
ECDE 1123 Foundations of Early Childhood Education 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 6
1st Year - 2nd Semester Credit Hours  
ECDE 1213 Curriculum and Materials 3
ECDE 1223 Early Childhood Practicum I * 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 6
COMPLETION AWARD: Associate of Applied Science 12

*Students enrolled in this class and competing for the CDA credential must be working in a child development setting due to OJT hours required for the credential.