Use the links below in your efforts to solve your Blackboard problems. The Student Helpdesk is available via phone or e-mail to help you if the solution cannot be found on this page.

To contact the student helpdesk send an e-mail to studenthelp [at] In the subject line reference the nature of the problem i.e. "Forgot Blackboard password" "Blackboard login problems" etc. Include as much detail as possible about the problem and always include your name and student ID# with the e-mail.

The helpdesk can also be reached by telephone 501.332.0285.



Where do I go to access my online courses?

You can access the Blackboard sign in page from any page on this web site by clicking "Online Courses Login" at the top of the page. You may also bookmark or save this address to your favorites. .


What is my Blackboard Username and Password?

Your Blackboard login will be the same as your Self-Service login.


I don't know the last 4 digits of my Student ID!

  • Your Student ID is the number that is printed on your student ID card issued from the library.
  • It is also the code that is printed on your College of the Ouachitas payment sheet (bill).
  • It is NOT your Social Security Number.
  • If you do not have documents that contain your Student ID and do not know your ID number, contact Student Affairs at 501.332.0280.


Ok, so how do I actually get into my course(s)?

After logging in to Blackboard you can access your courses under "My Courses" on the "My Institution" tab.


I dropped some courses and added others. Now I can't get into my courses!

We update your courses every four hours. If you do not see the course(s) that you have added, contact Student Affairs to check if you are enrolled in the course.


Why is there an "orientation" course in my Blackboard course list? I didn't sign-up for that course!

  • All students are enrolled in the "Student Orientation to Blackboard" course.
  • This course is not required and has no required "homework" or activities.
  • They DO have helpful information in them. So, please use these resources as you need them.