Campus News

  • You may now register for the upcoming Spring 2017 semester! Classes are offered on the Main Campus in Malvern and at the Sheridan Center! Call 501-337-5000 for more information! The Spring 2017 Schedule of Classes can be found by following this link:


  • The application to apply for financial aid, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application, is FREE to complete. Please do not pay to fill out the FAFSA. You may visit to get access to the free application.

    NOTE!  When completing the 2017-18 FAFSA, you are required to use your, and if applicable, parent’s 2015 income information.  You do not have to wait for the filing of your 2016 federal tax return.
    Complete your FAFSA for next year, enrollment beginning August, 2017. NOW!  Be sure and use the available option, LINK to the IRS, when completing your FAFSA.  This option allows you to transfer your 2015 tax information from the IRS into your application when you are completing the Financial Information Section.
    File Early!!!!!!!!

  • The last day to request a Federal Student Loan for the Fall semester is November 14.

  • Malvern, AR -- College of the Ouachitas (COTO) has been awarded a five-year $2.24 million commitment from the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III program, the largest single grant in the College’s 47 year history.  The grant, written by COTO Vice President of Instruction, Pat Simms, and former COTO Dean of Learning, Casey Rockwell, will provide resources to improve distance-delivered instruction and student services. 

    “This is exciting news for the College, our students, and our region,” COTO President Steve Rook said.  “The grant will provide COTO with the ability to improve online course offerings, enhance distance delivery and bolster our technology infrastructure.”

    The College is a public, comprehensive, community-based, two-year institution of higher education that serves a rural, five-county service area (approximate population of 192,000, approximate median income of $59,854; Census ACS 2013). Enrollment at the College grew more than ten-fold from the College’s founding in 1991 to 2006. However, for the past ten years, enrollment has declined to 83.5% of its highest level. Adults with work and family responsibilities, the majority of the College’s service area residents, are underrepresented among on-campus students, but they do comprise most of the students the College serves through distance education.  While 95.6% of non-dual (high school/college) distance enrollees seek college degrees, most are part-time students, and many have completed only three or fewer courses.  Expanding distance options will provide more choices, promote distance students’ success and all students’ re-enrollment, and build enrollment for the institution.

    “This award will allow COTO to strengthen existing offerings by providing distance specific, hands-on professional development to faculty and adding innovative technologies to enhance the course experience for students. Dedicated information technology and distance learning support specialists will increase consistency among classes and serve as additional resources for faculty and students,” stated Pat Simms.

    Notification of the “Strengthening Institutions Program” grant came earlier this month from Senator Tom Cotton’s office.  The $2,248,383 Title III grant will be distributed to COTO over five years, with a beginning date of October 1, 2016.  The College will receive $449,900 for the 2016-2017 grant year. 

    About College of the Ouachitas
    Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, College of the Ouachitas is one of 22 two-year colleges in the state of Arkansas.  The College provides high quality, accessible educational opportunities at the freshman and sophomore level in associate degree, technical certificate, and certificate of proficiency programs, a college-transfer program, continuing education, and industry-specific training to support individual and community needs in Arkansas.  The College’s primary goals are to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential and to support the economic development of the state. As directed by its mission, the College “continually identifies and addresses the changing learning needs of the communities it serves.”  Annual enrollments include over 1,800 credit and over 1,200 non-credit students. To learn more, visit

  • Make-up Orientations will be on Wednesday (8/31) and Thursday (9/1) at 12:15 to 1:00, in the Great Room (A300).
    If you were unable to attend the Orientation offered before classes began, please make arrangements to attend one of these sessions.

  • It was recently brought to our attention that some of the 2016/2017 Student Handbooks were misprinted with an omission of months from the planner in the back.  If you notice that you have one of these defective handbooks, we apologize for the inconvenience and we encourage you to come by Student Affairs to exchange it for a Student Handbook with a complete and accurate planner.  Also, if you have a defective handbook and are able to return it to us, that would allow us to let the printers know approximately how many defective handbooks were delivered.

    Thank you and again I apologize for this inconvenience,

    Dr. Kim E. Armstrong
    Vice President of Student Affairs
    College Of The Ouachitas

  • College of the Ouachitas wants to welcome you to Fall classes for 2016. We want to remind you that either a payment or your financial aid needs to be completed and showing on your account before August 19, 2016. If you have made a payment plan, we still need a payment on your account by this date. Otherwise, you risk the chance of losing your classes. Classes start Monday, August 22, 2016.

    The Business Office offers a payment plan. Payments are divided into three payments for spring classes. We charge a $35 finance fee (non-refundable) for this service. You may also make payments online through your self-service account. Be sure to review your self-service account to verify all payments have been applied and all charges are correct. Contact the Business Office at 501.332.0237 to make payment arrangements or if you have questions regarding your student account.

  • During the month of July, College of the Ouachitas will host two 3D Design and Digital Sculpting Day Camps for students in 7th grade through senior year.  Cost is $45 per student.  For more information, contact Michael Karr at (501)332-0251 or email mkaar [at]

    Camp 1:   7th-9th grade students      July 14, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
    Camp 2:     10th-12th grade students      July 21, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

  • College of the Ouachitas recently announced the President’s and Dean’s List for the Spring 2016 semester.  Students on the President’s List have earned 12 or more credit hours in college level courses and achieved a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.  Those named to the President’s List include Hot Spring County residents: Ashley Clark, Eric Gaither, Seana Granger, Payton Kehner, Sheena Loy, Robert McKnight, Brittany Ramey, and Jessica Robertson;  Grant County residents: Levi Boudra, Emily Hope, and Caitlyn Mozingo; Clark County residents: Billy Adams, Lisa Barker, Sydney McCauley, and Chelsea McKay; Saline County residents: Elizabeth Crumpler and Jeneille Hampel; Jefferson County resident: Dana Smith; and Dallas County resident: Yessenia Gonzalez.


    Students named to the Dean’s List have earned 12 or more credit hours in college level courses and achieved a 3.50 grade point average for the semester.  Those named to the Dean’s List include Hot Spring County residents: Robert Aulds, John Bennett, Molly Cunningham, Seth Draper, Erin Dyer, Jeremy Freeman, Thomas Hedges, John Jeffries, Adam Landreth, Gary Loughren, Magan McDougal, Raimy Rink, and Loni Williams; Grant County residents: Collin Boatright, Kayla Conner, Emily Funderburg, Destiny Harrington, and Caleb Knighten; Clark County residents: Runar Lunde, Mathew McClenahan, and Erin Wingfield; Saline County residents: Melissa Davis, Lauren House, Kayla Neal, Aleas Ramsey, and Leslie Strickland; Garland County residents: Karen Brodin and Kyle Cash; Jefferson County resident: Rebecca Hicks, and White County resident: Jade McCoy.

  • Summer 5-week I:
    PSYC 1113 01   General Psychology               Weak 
    Summer 10-week:
    DATA 1213 31  Word Processing                     Beard 
    DATA 1243 31  Spreadsheet Applications        Boyett
    ECDE 1213 31   Curriculum and Materials       Diehl
    ECDE 1223 01   Early Childhood Practicum I   Diehl
    ECON 2213 31  Principles of Microeconomics Claar
    ENGL 1111 01   Comp I Supplemental Instr.     Edwards
    ENGL 1113 01   Composition I                          Edwards
    ENGL 1213 01   Composition II                        Edwards
    HIST 2123 31    US History Since 1865            Schultz 
    PSYC 1113 01   General Psychology               Mills